Coming Soon – Baby Gunter

Brittany and Ryan are preparing to meet their new baby – boy? girl?  Time will soon reveal.  I can’t wait to find out if this new little one will have a superhero inspired name from his or her superhero aficionado parents.  No matter the name or gender, I met two people who are ready to offer as much love as two people can to their little gift from God.  We started out in the baby’s nursery, savoring the tiny little clothes and quiet peace.  A light mist outdoors let up long enough for us to go out to the woods behind their house.  I can already imagine this as the playground for their little Robinhood or Maid Marion (oops, I mean Superman or Wonderwoman).  Surely, this beautiful forest will spark an unlimited imagination in the heart of a child.

Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-1Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-2Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-3Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-4Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-5Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-6Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-7Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-8Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-9Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-10Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-11Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-12Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-13Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-14Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-15Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-16Coming Soon - Baby Gunter-17

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