A Blessed Union

My girl Prasilla got married last weekend in a beautiful wedding along the river bank.  I was so excited for her.  I’ve wanted this special moment for her for so long.  And I loved watching her love story unfold.  I have to tell you a little about this union.  A little over a year ago, Prasilla moved all the way across the country to California.  Not long after moving there, she met Stephen.  Funny thing though…Stephen is actually from here, like literally the same city that Prasilla is from, but it took the two of them moving across the country to meet.  Now if that’s not God’s hand in bringing two people together, I don’t know what is.  I’ve always admired Prasilla’s strong will, because she uses it for God.  She loves Him first, and so I didn’t worry much when she moved out there, because I knew she would keep her faith strong and keep God the center of her attention.  What I love most is that Stephen is the same way, and there is no doubt that’s why God brought them together.  Can you just imagine what they can do combined for the Lord?  Stephen works with the homeless.  I learned this about him when Prasilla brought him home in December to meet her family.  And I was in awe at his sweet spirit and devotion.  The two of them didn’t really go in detail about where their relationship was going, but I felt like this was a good match.  The more I learned about him, the more I loved him for Prasilla.  During their wedding ceremony, more details about what they had looked for in a soulmate and where the future of their relationship was heading was revealed.  And one of the things that stuck with me most was when the minister (a good friend of Stephen’s) revealed that Stephen had always said he would never get married unless he met someone that together with him could better his relationship with Jesus.  Ah!  What an amazing thought!  Shouldn’t all of our marriages be based on that?  I knew in that moment, and in other sweet vows that were shared, that Prasilla would be well taken care of.  I didn’t have to worry about her living so far away anymore.  Stephen had her hands, and Jesus had her heart.

Here’s a few pictures from her bridal session and a few of Stephen snuck in there too (because well, I knew you would be dying to meet this prince charming).  I wish the both of you a marriage filled with many blessings and many children.  Keep serving the Lord in all you do.  Much love to you both!

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