An All Star Birthday Bash

Recently we celebrated our twins 9th birthday.  No. 9!  I simply can’t believe that nine years have come and gone, but boy, have we made some memories.  Those of you who know me, know that I’m a planner… like I start planning my kids’ birthday party theme a year in advance.  And since both of our twins love sports, we were super excited about this year’s theme – an all star baseball bash!  We decided to team them up against each other for a wiffle ball game, but unfortunately the day of the party, we had crazy wind, so we weren’t able to have the ball game.  But that didn’t stop these two from having fun with their pals.  A day filled with everything you might find at the ball field… hot dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks, Big League Chew.  So here’s some photos to share.  What’s next year’s theme, you ask?  Well, I guess you’ll just have to stick around to find out.

Twins 9th Birthday-2Twins 9th Birthday-5Twins 9th Birthday-7Twins 9th Birthday-8Twins 9th Birthday-12Twins 9th Birthday-14Twins 9th Birthday-15Twins 9th Birthday-16Twins 9th Birthday-17

Instead of the nickname “Cannonball”, we might have should have called him “goofball”.  His favorite thing to do is to be silly and make people laugh.Twins 9th Birthday-21Twins 9th Birthday-22

Yes, we know our little one is wearing a “referee” uniform, but we just didn’t think anyone would know she was an umpire if she had on a polo shirt and dress slacks.Twins 9th Birthday-23Twins 9th Birthday-26Twins 9th Birthday-27

Despite having to move the party indoors, we still “had a ball”.
Twins 9th Birthday-28

The very awesome sign my mom and dad made for the party!Twins 9th Birthday-41

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