The Carrot Patch

Welcome to the Carrot Patch.

This idea actually started a year ago when I was thinking of what I wanted to do for Easter pictures this year, and I had the idea to do a carrot patch.  Then a number of weeks ago, my dad and I went looking for a “magical” spot on his land, and through brush and briars and weeds and trees, I saw the perfect spot.  And my dad, being the amazing visionary he is, cleaned out this place and it became the spot that I saw in my mind.  It will definitely show up more.  And then my mom helped me pull all of the accessories together, and we created for a short time, The Carrot Patch.  This little spot where the magic of Easter comes to life and children get to be children and let their imaginations run wild.  And here are just a few of the adorable cuties who came out and gave life to this garden.


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