Doc Yardley

Time for your check up! Time for your check up!
t’s ok if you giggle, this will only tickle a little.

~ Doc McStuffins

I must say…3 year old Yardley is the cutest veterinarian I’ve ever seen!  Just look at the care she takes when handling all those stuffed animals.  They are in good care.

Have a toy that needs to be checked out?  The doctor will see you now.

Doc Yardley-1Doc Yardley-5Doc Yardley-6Doc Yardley-7Doc Yardley-8Doc Yardley-14Doc Yardley-15Doc Yardley-16Doc Yardley-20Doc Yardley-21Doc Yardley-22Doc Yardley-24Doc Yardley-26Doc Yardley-29Doc Yardley-30Doc Yardley-34Doc Yardley-39Doc Yardley-43Doc Yardley-44Doc Yardley-46Doc Yardley-48Doc Yardley-49Doc Yardley-50Doc Yardley-51Doc Yardley-53Doc Yardley-55Doc Yardley-57Doc Yardley-59

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After the rain comes shine

Eek! I was so excited to get my friend Erica’s little girl back over here for a photo shoot.  Erica always finds the most darling little dresses for Avree.  And Avree, well, need I say more, she’s just adorable and has the sweetest little expressions.  About 5 minutes into this session, the rain came.  So, we all hopped back in the car and waited it out.  We knew that these afternoon North Carolina showers only last a short bit.  And then came the shine.  Not from the sun, but from Avree!

Avree 2016-4Avree 2016-7Avree 2016-12Avree 2016-13Avree 2016-14Avree 2016-15Avree 2016-20Avree 2016-21Avree 2016-23Avree 2016-25Avree 2016-26Avree 2016-28Avree 2016-29Avree 2016-30Avree 2016-35Avree 2016-36Avree 2016-37Avree 2016-39Avree 2016-41Avree 2016-42Avree 2016-44Avree 2016-46Avree 2016-48Avree 2016-49Avree 2016-50Avree 2016-51Avree 2016-52Avree 2016-54Avree 2016-55Avree 2016-56

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Weekly Picture & Scripture

I am so blessed to be surrounded in my life by men I love and adore…my dad, my husband and my brothers.  I love you all more than you’ll ever know, and I would do anything for you.  May this Father’s Day be blessed with all you hold dear!  Thanks for holding such a special place in my heart.

“For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lordmay bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.”

~ Genesis 18:19


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Prom Night

“When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are”

~ Bruno Mars

Prom Night 2016-6Prom Night 2016-10Prom Night 2016-11Prom Night 2016-12Prom Night 2016-13Prom Night 2016-14Prom Night 2016-15Prom Night 2016-29Prom Night 2016-31Prom Night 2016-32Prom Night 2016-33Prom Night 2016-34Prom Night 2016-35Prom Night 2016-36Prom Night 2016-37Prom Night 2016-45Prom Night 2016-46Prom Night 2016-47Prom Night 2016-48Prom Night 2016-54Prom Night 2016-55Prom Night 2016-68Prom Night 2016-69Prom Night 2016-70Prom Night 2016-71Prom Night 2016-121Prom Night 2016-122Prom Night 2016-124

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